Message from North Yorkshire Police:


Are you contacting the correct agency via the correct number? 📞


We’re here 24/7 to help, but we’re asking you to help us by stopping and thinking: Are you choosing the most appropriate service for what you need?


As well as the police there is the fire service, ambulance service, coast guard and mountain rescue. The local authorities and other agencies may also be able to assist you with issues and problems.


We thought it would be useful to put together a break down on which agency to choose and how to contact them….


The Police – Call us on 999 when there is a danger to life, risk of serious injury, or a serious crime is in progress or about to happen.

We prioritise 999 calls, this is our ‘emergency line’.


For everything else, it’s 101.


Our 101 line is also available 24/7. If you call 101, you will still speak to a member of our Force Control Room staff, and you can still report a crime. The difference to 999 is you may just have to wait a little longer for the 101 call to be answered as we will be prioritising emergency incidents coming in on our 999 line.


If you’ve witnessed or been the victim of crime you can also now report online. Reports are dealt with by our control room in the same way whether you report it online or by telephone. If you want to report online click this link Home | North Yorkshire Police


But the police may not always be the most suitable agency to call…


The Ambulance Service – All medical emergencies should be directed to the Ambulance service on 999. If you need medical help and advice fast, but it’s not life-threatening, call NHS 111.


The Fire service – Fire and Rescue will deal with any fire related incidents. They are also a rescue service, so they can rescue people and help with environmental issues such as flooding. The fire service can be contacted for emergencies on 999.


There is also the coastguard and mountain rescue service which can be contacted via 999.


The local council is a non-emergency agency, but they can also be useful to help solve issues. The council can help with issues such as fly tipping and noise pollution.


In Selby, the local authority is the Selby District Council however this is set to change on the 01 April 2023.


You can currently access the services of Selby District Council and report problems to them online via the Selby District Council website.


In the Selby District,  road related issues such as road repairs, street lighting and general highways related issues are dealt with via North Yorkshire County.


There are many agencies which the police work with and you can also contact them directly. A full list of agencies that we deal with can be found here

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Are you contacting the correct agency via the correct number?