Police Practice Community Review Group:

If you are interested in local policing and care about the safety and protection of your local community, this could be the volunteering role for you.

In North Yorkshire there are a number of volunteers who help the Commissioner and Chief Constable scrutinise and support local policing, looking into all different elements of policing and this new group requires a cross section of the community to get involved.

The Police Practice Community Review Groups will be focusing on the use of Stop and Search and Use of Force, both issues which have draw local and national attention recently. As a volunteer you will help review and feedback to the Commissioner and Chief Constable on local policing practices, in turn making sure policing improves in your community and there is greater legitimacy in policing in North Yorkshire.

Volunteers for this group can come from all sections of the community – parents, business people, community representatives, young people and many others too. You should be committed and interested and prepared to attend quarterly meetings, and keen to learn and understand how policing is undertaken, the legislation surrounding policing practice and able to provide clear views and feedback. The review groups will assess and provide feedback on the appropriate use of these powers, identifying good practice and areas for learning, making referrals and recommendations to single county-wide Stop and Search and Use of Force Scrutiny Panel.


Independent Custody Visitor Scheme:

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire is looking to find willing volunteers to assist with the counties Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) Scheme.
ICVs report on what they observe when conducting unannounced visits to one of the three Custody Suites in North Yorkshire: Scarborough, York and Harrogate. They visit in pairs and interview out of the hearing of Custody Staff those detainees who wish to see them and also, again with the detainee’s permission, inspect the Custody Record of the detainee to ensure that all rules and procedures laid down in PACE Code C are being carried out.
The ICV Scheme gives the Police, detainees and the public the confidence that the legal rights, welfare and conditions in custody is best practice for all involved. ICVs often raise questions with the Police Custody Staff after interviewing detainees and inspecting their Custody Records and invariably receive positive comments and actions from the Staff.


To find out more about these role and other volunteering opportunities, visit our website:

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