North Yorkshire Police are currently experiencing an increase in calls for service in relation to people misusing off road motorbikes, across the Selby District. Reports are being received from Kellington, Sherburn, Tadcaster and Brotherton.


Misusing vehicles off-road

While quad bikes, three-wheeled bikes, trail bikes and some other two-wheeled vehicles are built for off-road use, it is against the law to ride them in public parks or on publicly-owned land without permission from the local authority.

As with unlicensed powered vehicles, these can only be used on private roads or land with the road or land-owner’s permission.


What is the Impact?

Some people regard this kind of vehicle use as harmless fun. However, regular antisocial vehicle use can have a wider impact on a neighbourhood or community than simply nuisance noise.

The effect of dangerous or reckless use of a vehicle can lead to criminal damage of roads, other vehicles and surrounding property.

Drivers and riders also risk injuring themselves, other road users, cyclists and pedestrians as they do not have full control of their vehicle and their full attention on their surroundings.

Driving or riding in this way can also be used as a form of intimidation, either to other road users or the community. Loud noise from engines and music, and deliberately creating large amounts of exhaust or tyre smoke can also be seen as an aggressive act.

Finally, the use of motorbikes and mopeds to rob (or ‘snatch’) mobile phones and valuables from pedestrians on pavements is a key concern to the police. So anyone acting recklessly on this kind of vehicle is likely to draw police attention.


If you know someone who is riding their off road motorbike, please advise them of the dangers and the impact it is having on local residents.


Patrols are being conducted by the local neighbourhood policing team and if someone is identified misusing their vehicle then we may have the power to seize the vehicle and may even be subject to criminal prosecution.

Off road motorbikes