Message from North Yorkshire Police:

There has been a recent increase in the theft of quad bikes in the Selby District of North Yorkshire so here are a few tips on how to keep your quad bike safe.


When you’re not using your quad, remove the keys and store them well away from the vehicle.


Keep your quad bike out of sight and use devices such as steering locks, ball hitch or frame locks and wheel clamps that are bolted to the ground.


Ensure that the building it’s stored in is closed and padlocked.


Use trackers and immobilisers. Not only is this a deterrent but can also increase the chance of police recovering the stolen vehicle and identifying who to return it to.


Review your security and consider CCTV, this also works as a deterrent and great for overall security.


Take a note of serial numbers and photograph your vehicles. Capture any unique identifying features. This list is by no means comprehensive but is meant to be a guide to help you keep your property safe.



Quad bike thefts