Message from North Yorkshire Police:

We’ve had reports of burglars breaking into homes, stealing car keys, then driving off in the vehicle parked outside.

A few simple precautions can help protect you from these opportunistic ‘2-in-1’ thieves.

Most importantly of all, never leave your car keys near windows or doors where someone could see or reach them. And keep those windows and doors closed and locked, especially overnight or when you’re away from home.

If you can, consider installing CCTV to cover your property (and put up a sign to tell people it’s there!), as well as security lighting and a visible intruder alarm.

If you have a garage – use it. If not, try to park somewhere secure (such as behind lockable gates on your driveway).

And finally, do your bit for your community, by keeping an eye out and reporting anything suspicious to us. We’re asking people in the Selby area to be particularly vigilant right now. You could also share this post with friends and neighbours.

As you’d expect, we have increased patrols in affected areas and will actively be on the look-out for suspicious activity relating to car key burglary. Together, we can keep these unscrupulous burglars at bay.

Warning – Car key “2 in 1” burglars are targeting our area