Please see below, for your awareness.

Small businesses beware! We are seeing fake Craft Fair adverts popping up all over the local Facebook community groups.

The posts advertise a fictional craft fayre, fair or similar event which claims to be held at a local hall. The organiser calls out for stall holders to sign up and pay a sum of money to them. In reality there is no event and the fraudster is hoping people will send them a stall holders pitch fee.

Scam craft fair red flags

�� Venue is not tagged in post

�� Requests people to send a private message

�� Requests a “friends and family” payment via PayPal

�� No event advertised on the venue’s page

Please do your homework before booking into any events and make sure the person advertising such events is a genuine organiser. Call the venue first and double check the event, before parting with any money.

If people spot an advert on social media and think it may be a scam, please report it to the admin of the social media page that you see them on so that they can be removed straight away.

Craft Fair/Event Scam