Commissioner Zoë and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service have launched an online resource offering guidance to prevent fire related incidents this winter – especially for when heating your home.


With fuel prices rising, many people may turn to alternative ways to heat their home, cook their food or manage other electrical appliances, and so this guidance provides advice on how best to avoid risks and stay safe. This includes:

·       Heating your home using devices such as portable heaters, solid fuel heating, outdoor heating and electric blankets.

·       Cooking – specifically using disposable or portable equipment.

·       Safe use of electrical appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

·       Appropriately using candles

·       Fire detection and smoke alarms in your owned homes or rented accommodation.

·       Signposting to support services that can help with managing energy bills, staying warm this winter and identifying fire risks in the home.

The guidance is available in full on the Commissioner’s website and in a downloadable booklet:


Commissioner Zoë said: “We strongly encourage you to read the information provided and apply these prevention techniques to ensure your own safety and that of your families, neighbours, and friends, and to reach out to the support services listed depending on your needs.

“Preventing harm before it happens is an underlying theme in my Fire and Rescue Plan, and this online resource alongside expanding prevention and protection services is maximising every opportunity – be it digitally or face to face – to engage with communities and provide relevant and topical advice.

“Your Chief Fire Officer and I know that this is a challenging time for many people but preventing fire and other incidents remains a priority within North Yorkshire and York as we endeavour to keep you safe and feeling safe.”

Jonathan Dyson, Chief Fire Officer said: “Keeping you and your family safe and healthy over the winter months is of utmost importance to me and the whole team at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

“We understand how challenging life is at the moment, and we hope this booklet provides information to protect you, your loved ones and your home over the coming months.

“Please take some time to read through the advice compiled by our Prevention team and please do contact the Service for further advice.”


North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service offer Safe and Well Visits to eligible members of the public which involve visiting your home to offer fire safety advice to reduce and prevent fires, identify possible risks in the home, test smoke alarms, plan potential escape routes and talk through bedtime routines to ensure safety during the night. To find out more visit:

Be safe Feel safe: Online guidance launched to help you stay safe from fire this winter